Dewees Park

dewees park
The YRP Public Space & Greening Committee of the YRP and the Mid-Govans Neighborhood Association worked together to create a Master Plan for Dewees Park. The Park is a 14.5 acre green space within the Mid-Govans neighborhood that is home to the Dewees recreation center and City gardens. In the spring of 2014 PS&G and Mid-Govans obtained the assistance of the Neighborhood Design Center to develop a Concept Master Plan for Dewees Park. The NDC has recruited a team of landscape architects to help the community begin a visioning process for the future of Dewees. Check out the master plan below!  Dewees Park Master Plan 2014

Initiatives are following the Master Plan:

  • Dewees Park Rain Garden

                  Rain Underground designed the Raingarden and Blue Water Baltimore did the constuction.  Students from Govans Elementary School planted the Raingarden in May 2016 with help and advice from Peter Bieneman of Greenfields Nursery. Please be patient – video is slow to load.

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  • Community Orchard

    The Community Orchard is supported by the Baltimore Orchard Project. planting_10_31_15_compinstaling_drip_irrigaorchard-plums2
  • Memorial Garden