Get Involved

Here are some easy ways you can be an active and involved member of our community and good neighbor to all residents of the corridor.   Help support the efforts of the York Road Partnership to build stronger, more vibrant communities along the corridor!

YRP Nov 2014 Iandry

  • Attend the monthly York Road Partnership meeting the first Wednesday of each month at 7:15pm in St. Mary’s Church Hall at 5502 York Road.  The entrance is around the back of the church.  The YRP is dynamic, diverse and friendly group of individuals from all neighborhoods along the corridor.  We’re ready to hear your ideas!
  • Join the York Road Partnership Listserv to stay up to date with the latest community events and information. Email to join!
  • View our calendar to find out when and where your next neighborhood association meeting is.  If your neighborhood isn’t on the calendar, contact the YRP and we’ll help you find or revive your association!
  • If you haven’t already, introduce yourself to your neighbors along your block and behind your home.  Make sure you exchange phone numbers in case of emergency or to plan future events. Join NextDoor, an online forum for neighborhoods, to learn what’s going on in your community and surrounding ones as well.  A connected neighborhood is a deterrent for crime!


  • Attend quarterly 4th District Meetings.  Councilman Henry’s Office holds the meetings on various topics at locations around the district.  Visit his blog for more information from the city and to find out about the next meeting.  Meeting reminders go out on the YRP Listserv.
  • Attend meetings at the Northern District Police Station (2201 W. Cold Spring Lane) on the third Wednesday of every other month.  Call the Community Affairs Office at 410-396-2455 to find out when the next meeting will take place.