Public Safety & Youth Development

Chaired by Marie McSweeney Anderson, the main goal of this committee is to enhance the safety of the York Road community and, in turn, make it a more positive environment for youth. By working closely alongside residents, the Northern District Police, community centers, schools, and other partners, the Public Safety and Youth Development committee seeks to address safety issues and promote youth engagement.

Current projects include:

  • Supporting the Dewees Recreation Center and advocating for increased programming there;
  •  Advocating for safe neighborhood design, promoting the use of porch lighting, and the development of block captain and Citizen on Patrol programs in communities;
  • Identifying, and promoting youth programs in the area; Hosting an annual North Baltimore Public Safety Summit, the first of which occurred in April 2012. This event attracts attendees from all over the city to learn about best practices for safety.
    • The Public Safety Summit: with an inaugural summit in 2012, the YRP has been working in the Northeast Community Organization (NECO) and Harbel Community Organization to put on a day-long summit to educate and update residents of Baltimore City about statistics, action being take by local officials, and available resources related to public safety.
      • Check out this article from the April 2014 summit, hosted by Morgan State University with special thanks to MECU and The Baltimore Office of Promotional and the Arts.