Business Engagement

The York Road Partnership has a long history of helping communities along the corridor deal with problem establishments, such as liquor stores, to agree upon hours of operation and best practices that benefit both the business and the community. The Business Engagement committee is chaired by Chris Forrest and Lisa O’Reilly, and the Ad-Hoc Liquor Committee is chaired by Karen DeCamp.

With the help of the Community Law Center and various knowledgeable YRP members, we have developed a standard Memorandum of Understanding that we expect proprietors of new liquor establishments to sign in order to gain the support of YRP and the communities in which such establishments are located.

Interested in tackling a liquor-related issue in your community?

  • Check out The Community Law Center: Lawyers for Neighborhoods & Non-Profits, located in the Hampden neighborhood. The CLC provides affordable legal assistance, training opportunities, and workshops for neighborhoods and non-profits. Their help has been instrumental in our continued efforts to keep the YRP area safer and healthier