Housing & N’hood Revitalization

Committee Co-Chairs: Donna Blackwell (Winston-Govans) and Dan Pontious (Radnor-Winston)
Committee Meeting Times: Fourth Monday of the month at 8:30am
Contact: yrphousing@googlegroups.com

YRP’s Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee seeks to promote a healthy and vibrant York Road community.  The committee consists of neighborhood residents, community organizations, institutions, and other interested parties working collaboratively to ensure a strong York Road community, neighborhood associations, and commercial corridor.

We work to increase housing resources within the corridor’s neighborhoods in a way that improves equity. Past work includes:

  • Advocated for additional Healthy Neighborhoods in the corridor
  • Coordinated applications for the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI), we have worked to
  • Coordinate revitalization resources around the corridor’s new 21st Century Schools and related INSPIRE process, e.g. Slow Streets, Safe Routes to School, resurfacing.

Current Committee Goals:

  • Work with DHCD to focus a “tool box” of their programs (e.g., homeownership incentives, My Deed My Legacy, lead abatement, rehab loans, weatherization) on selected target blocks in the corridor in a way that serves the residents there and revitalizes the neighborhoods.
  • Market corridor neighborhoods as attractive to new homeowners and businesses through strategies like adding east-side neighborhoods to the Healthy Neighborhoods program or otherwise working with the City to advance a Middle Neighborhoods revitalization strategy here.
  • Bring resources to the corridor through programs like BRNI and Community Catalyst grants.