Housing & N’hood Revitalization

YRP’s Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee chaired by Donna Blackwell and Leila Kohler-Frueh, seeks to promote a healthy and vibrant York Road community.  The committee consists of neighborhood residents, community organizations, institutions, and other interested parties working collaboratively to ensure a strong York Road community, neighborhood associations, and commercial corridor.

Most recently, the allocation of $1 billion dollars to rebuild and renovate Baltimore City schools has provided the Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization committee with the unique opportunity to provide direct support for neighborhood schools and their surrounding communities in the coming years. The committee is currently involved in engaging residents in the broader community-wide process of school renovation, organizing neighborhood visioning and school design meetings, fostering information sharing and cooperation between neighborhoods, and improving access to recreational and extracurricular opportunities for neighborhood youth.

Goals include:

  • Reviewing and communicating information on upcoming housing and revitalization projects and programs, including new, rehabbed, or to-be-demolished units, including efforts by Habitat Chesapeake in Woodbourne McCabe.
  • Working with LiveBaltimore, neighborhoods, and partners to market the York Road community and neighborhoods as a destination of choice.
  • Partnering with Baltimore Housing and Greater Homewood Community Corporation to implement area strategic code enforcement and encourage effective block captain networks
  • Developing a strong Recreation Council at Dewees Park to provide extracurricular activities for neighborhood youth