Board of Directors

Committee Co-Chairs: Chris Forrest (President) and Phyllis Gilmore (Vice President)
Committee Meeting Times: Second Monday of the month at 6:30pm
Contact: E-mail to be added to the Committee Listserv

The responsibilities of the Leadership Board include:

  1. Recognizing and presenting projects to the membership
  2. Reviewing and managing projects effectively
  3. Communicating progress on projects to the general membership
  4. Providing support for committees
  5. Responding to issues raised by the membership and working toward productive solutions
  6. Receiving committee and officer reports and overseeing committee work
  7. Exercising adherence to and promoting the support of bylaws within
    and throughout the membership
  8. Establishing, maintaining, and publicizing a yearly calendar of events
    and meetings
  9. Assuring that records of YRP meetings, activities, and correspondence
    are properly retained and are available to any member upon request

Meeting Minutes: