Leadership & Bylaws

Donna Blackwell
Winston Govans

Vice President
Curt Schwartz
Richnor Springs

Recording Secretary/Treasurer
Francesco Legaluppi
Villages at Homeland West

Corresponding Secretary
Leila Kohler-Frueh
Villages at Homeland East

Leadership Committee At-Large Members

Phyllis Gilmor

Nia Govan
Wilson Park

Kristi Hazard

Travis Rogers

Committee Chairs

Public Space and Greening
Helene Perry, Kathy Brohawn & Denise Blackwell

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization
Erin O’Keefe & Donna Blackwell

Public Safety
Sandi McFadden, Marie Anderson & Curt Schwartz

Youth Development
Lisa O’Reilly & Addie Johnson

Business Development/Ad-Hoc Liquor
Karen DeCamp

The York Road Partnership functions in accordance with  BYLAWS 

voted on by Organizational Members of the Partnership.