Board of Directors & Bylaws

Donna Blackwell
Winston Govans

Vice President
Francesco Legaluppi
Villages of Homeland East

Curt Schwartz
Richnor Springs

Corresponding Secretary
Timothy Goldsby
Mid Govans

Recording Secretary
Karen DeCamp
Radnor Winston

Board of Directors At-Large Members

Carolyn Anewich
Lake Walker

Nia Govan
Wilson Park Northern

Phyllis Gilmore

Andy McNeely
Lake Evesham

Committee Chairs

Public Space and Greening
Helene Perry & Kathy Brohawn

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization
Donna Blackwell

Public Safety
Cedric Crump & Christopher Forrest

Youth Development
Nia Govan & Kristie Hazard

Business Development/Ad-Hoc Liquor
Karen DeCamp & Christopher Forrest

The York Road Partnership functions in accordance with YRP By Laws. 

voted on by Organizational Members of the Partnership.