Board of Directors & Bylaws

Christopher Forrest
Winston Govans

Vice President
Phyllis Gilmore

Carol Rice

Corresponding Secretary
Open Position

Recording Secretary
Karen DeCamp
Radnor Winston

Board of Directors At-Large Members

Christopher Pisano

Cindy Camp
Richnor Springs

Stephanie Geller
Community Wealth Builders

Anne Lansey
Kimberleigh Road Association

Committee Chairs

Public Space and Greening
Helene Perry, St. Mary’s
Marie M. Anderson, Loyola

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization
Donna Blackwell, Winston Govans
Dan Pontious, Radnor Winston

Public Safety
Cedric Crump, Mid-Govans
Christopher Forrest, Winston Govans

Youth Development
Open Positions

Business Development/Ad-Hoc Liquor
Christopher Forrest, Winston Govans
Lisa O’Reilly, York-Homeland

The York Road Partnership functions in accordance with YRP Bylaws approved 10.3.2018 voted on by Organizational Members of the Partnership.